Learn how to get help if you or some body you understand is just a target of domestic punishment

Anybody can be a victim of domestic punishment, no matter sex, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sex or history.

You will find different varieties of punishment that may take place in numerous contexts. The absolute most type that is prevalent of punishment does occur in relationships. However the concept of domestic punishment additionally covers punishment between family relations, such as for instance adolescent to moms and dad physical violence and punishment. It is possible to read our gu >PDF , 682KB , 35 pages ) .

Domestic punishment in a relationship: recognise it

You can find different types of punishment, however it’s constantly about having control and power over you.

You might be in an abusive relationship if you answer yes to any of the following questions.

Emotional abuse

Does your spouse ever:

  • belittle you, or down put you?
  • blame you for the punishment or arguments?
  • deny that abuse is going on, or play it down?
  • isolate you against your friends and relations?
  • stop you going to work or college?
  • make demands that are unreasonable your attention?
  • accuse you of flirting or having affairs?
  • inform you what things to wear, whom to see, where you can get, and things to think?
  • take control of your cash, or perhaps not offer you sufficient to purchase meals or other essential things?

Threats and intimidation

Does your lover ever:

  • threaten to harm or destroy you?
  • destroy things that are part of you?
  • stay over you, invade your private area?
  • jeopardize to kill themselves or even the young ones?
  • read your email messages, texts or letters?
  • harass or follow you?

Real punishment

The individual abusing you might hurt you in range means.

Does your lover ever: